Since 2006, Asia Catalyst has directly increased the capacity of over 200 community based organizations (CBOs) from 11 countries, representing thousands of marginalized communities across Asia.

Evidence from rigorous monitoring and evaluation, validated thorough independent external evaluations in 2013 and 2014, has confirmed that our programs produce “more effective, efficient, relevant, and sustainable community based organizations.”

Our partners measurably increase skills in human rights, sustainable organizational management, and rights-based documentation and advocacy.

See our impact, below.

Community-level Change

In 2014, 100% of CBO Catalyst graduates identified the ‘most significant change’ resulting from their participation in Asia Catalyst programs as being at the organizational or community level, as well as the individual level.

One graduate said to an external evaluator, “‘External’ change is as equally valuable as an ‘internal’ organizational capacity increase.”

As noted by the external evaluator, “Asia Catalyst’s program…increased the effectiveness of the rights-based health advocacy carried out by China’s non-profit sector. These advocacy efforts demonstrated significant positive impacts on a range of stigmatized and marginalized community members.”

The Ripple Effect

A December 2013 external evaluation for the CBO Catalyst program documented Asia Catalyst’s manifest ‘ripple effect’, “whereby the benefits of the project flow outside of the [program] members’ organizations.” In the program’s first 2 years 9 graduates used the knowledge and skills gained to initiate and formally train 61 other organizations and 50 university students in organizational development and rights-based advocacy at local and national level training workshops.


80% of participants in the CBO Catalyst conducted additional trainings with their communities following their experiences with Asia Catalyst.


100% of our training-of-trainers candidates have been invited to conduct trainings for other NGOs. Several have set up spin off CBO Catalyst programs using Asia Catalyst methodology and materials.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 3.05.35 PM

1 Asia Catalyst increases the capacity of 1 group of CBO leaders to run strong organizations and conduct effective advocacy.

2 Program graduates train other CBO leaders and university students, using Asia Catalyst curriculum and materials for strong community buy-in.

3 Graduates of all trainings run sustainable, more professional organizations. Coalitions of marginalized groups conduct effective rights-based advocacy, resulting in increased protections for all.

Community advocacy gains:

» Removal of the stigmatizing “HIV Positive” label from patient files in all hospitals in Henan Province;

» Cancelation of discriminatory US $185 “protection” fee for surgery on HIV+ patients in Zhengzhou City Number 6 Hospital;

» Government funding for opportunistic infections for all students living with HIV in Guangzhou, regardless of the location of their household registration status, a significant barrier in China;

» 12.1% reduction in the price of Hepatitis B medication at pharmacy chains
in Chengdu, China.

» Beijing court orders a clinic to pay compensation for administrating electric shocks in an attempt to make a gay man heterosexual. The judgement also publicly noted that conversion therapy is “false” and that homosexuality is not an illness under Chinese law.


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